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Sodding New Lawn

Either way here is the instructions on how to care for your newly sodded yard.

As soon as sod is installed:
1. New sod should be watered twice per day for the first couple of weeks. The sod should be kept moist. (Not drowned, not mushy)

2. All traffic on sod should be kept to a minimum as it separates the grass seams and disconnects the root attachment.

First Mowing:

1. The first mowing can usually occur about three weeks after installation or when

sod reaches a height of 3″ – 31/2″ tall.

2. Adjust mower height to approximately 2,5″ and do not scalp grass to short.

3. Do not cut the sod if the grass is to wet. This cause matting and slows the

spreading of root system.

4. Repeat mowing once a week during the growing season. Do not remove more

1/3 of the grass blade per mowing.

Weeding and Fertilization

1. After the first mowing, feed your new sod with a high nitrogen fertilizer. The following spring, a pre-emergent should be used in early spring to keep the weeds down to a minimum.